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Our Candles

All VICC candles are poured with 100% vegan-friendly wax, in handcrafted cement containers. We choose to use wooden wicks because they burn beautifully, melt wax from edge to edge evenly, and crackle as if you were sitting next to your own mini fire. Our candles are softly scented with vanilla fragrance, creating a beautiful bouquet of vanilla-soy aroma. Our candles generally do not bother those with fragrance sensitivities and can be safely burnt in public areas where fragrance limitations may be in effect. We hope you love them!



As sustainably-minded people, when we set out to create a candle we loved, we knew we had to make sure it was in a container that our customers and friends would want to reuse. Once our candles are completely burnt down, we encourage you to rinse it out with boiling water to remove residual wax residue and repurpose it for flowers, plants, utensils, etc. Join us in minimizing our product footprint!

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We purposely chose to create a candle container that would not only look beautiful but also hold enough volume to produce over 100 hours of burn time! We want you to enjoy your crackling flame for as long as possible, so we paired premium soy wax with the crackling beauty of our a wooden wick. To avoid tunnelling, we advise a 3-4 hour burn time initially, and then whatever amount of time it takes for the wax to melt from edge to edge of the container.